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Pickleball Paddle Totem Stream Series Original


The Zcebra TOTEM redefines your expectations in Pickleball by offering outstanding control and power. Its aerodynamically perforated surface and textured carbon fiber allow you to place the ball with pinpoint accuracy. The 19 mm 3-layer honeycomb core reduces vibrations and weight, ensuring powerful and precise shots with every move. Additionally, its elongated design not only enhances aerodynamics but also expands the sweet spot for an unparalleled playing experience in the world of Pickleball.

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Experience the Revolution in Pickleball with the Carbon TOTEM Stream Series Paddle

We have created a completely new and unprecedented technology in the Pickleball industry to take your game to new heights.


We have developed a groundbreaking technology, never before seen in the Pickleball industry. The TOTEM paddle features a face with two perfectly perforated curved openings on the sides that reduce air resistance, slightly shifting the weight to the top of the paddle, increasing comfort and hitting power. Additionally, it has a rough Carbon Fiber surface that provides great spin on precision shots.


Built for consistent speed using advanced honeycomb technology, the revolutionary 19 mm core consists of a Nomex layer inserted between two layers of Polypropylene. This reduces the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves, providing unmatched controlled power. Its edge is thermoformed, enhancing consistency and reducing vibrations.


More than the first European Pickleball brand – At Zcebra, we are unique. Each Zcebra paddle is made with the finest materials and cutting-edge patented technology. Designs never seen before in the world of Pickleball. We have invested in creating and developing the highest performing Pickleball paddles to offer you top-of-the-line equipment, fueling your passion for the sport you love, and giving you an edge in every match.


Our Zcebra TOTEM paddle boasts a unique design, exclusive to Zcebra, with different designs on both faces, but predominantly black on both. Only in Zcebra paddles will you find something like this.


Zcebra paddles are tested and approved by the United States Pickleball Association for Pickleball play in US and international events. Professional players, including our European champions, play with our paddles. Now you can get the same paddle for your game.

A revolutionary and exclusive Pickleball paddle. The Zcebra TOTEM offers incredible power and control thanks to its aerodynamically perforated surface.

The textured carbon surface makes it easy to place the ball exactly where you want, and the 19 mm 3-layer honeycomb core reduces vibrations and weight while still providing great power for backcourt shots.

Its elongated construction offers fantastic aerodynamics and an extended sweet spot, along with an aesthetic never before seen in a Pickleball paddle.

Weight 245 g
Dimensions 40,99 × 19 cm

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