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Zcebra Team

Find out more about our players, ambassadors and advisors
sabri zcebra usa

Team Zcebra

Sabrina Méndez

Sabri has achieved an impressive resume in less than a year of playing Pickleball. She is the current European and Spanish champion of Pickleball 2023 in singles and European champion in doubles alongside María Fernández. She is the winner of the quadruple crown at the prestigious Reballution Cup in Rota.

She is a coach and has been a great Padel player for years, and in her first Pickleball competitions, she has already reached the top. We are proud and grateful that she has chosen Zcebra to continue progressing.

maria team zcebra

Team Zcebra

María Costantino

María Fernández Costantino is a young player who has won almost every tournament she has participated in.

She is the current European champion in doubles and mixed doubles and runner-up in singles. She is a benchmark in Pickleball, and together with Sabrina, she is dominating European women’s Pickleball to date.

María trusted us from the beginning, and we are proud that she is part of Team Zcebra. Now this

marcello jardim team

Team Zcebra

Marcello Jardim

Marcello is a Brazilian professional padel player, a legend of this sport who has reached the very top.

His interest in Pickleball comes from his sister Simone Jardim, one of the world’s greatest players for a decade.

One day, Marcello tried our TOTEM and had the opportunity to learn about Zcebra’s philosophy. He is the Spanish Champion ’23 and bronze medalist in the European Championship, as well as the current US Open Gold. Thank you, Marcello, for trusting Zcebra.

mauro team zcebra

Team Zcebra

Mauro García

Mauro is definitely the biggest promise of European Pickleball. At just 15 years old, he is already one of the established figures in Europe. He is Spanish Champion ’23 in mixed and doubles, and he makes it to the podium in every tournament he participates in. He trains in one of the cradles of European Pickleball, in Rota, and his projection is huge.

We are delighted and grateful that he is part of Team Zcebra.

martin suarez team zcebra

Team Zcebra

Martín Suarez

Argentinian Padel and Pickleball player, as well as a coach for both disciplines. Martín has been a reference in his country for years, and since he came to Spain, he became a reference upon landing. Winner of numerous tournaments in Argentina and Spain, he is the current European Mixed Champion, Spanish Doubles Champion, and Bronze in singles.

Martín is one of our best technical advisors, being a fundamental part of the development of Zcebra’s products.


Team Zcebra

Nico Gallego

Nico Gallego, originally from Buenos Aires and trained in tennis by his father, transitioned to pickleball in 2017 and has quickly made a name for himself. He has risen to compete at the professional 5.0 level and recently became the first player in the U.S. to join Team Zcebra. Using the Zcebra Black Mamba paddle, Nico’s aggressive and precise playing style stands out. His success highlights not only his individual talents but also the expanding global popularity of pickleball.

will taylor nuevo jugador de pickleball en el team zcebra

Team Zcebra

Will Taylor

William “The Falcon” Taylor, born on June 5, 2005, in Sheringham, is the latest addition to Zcebra in the world of pickleball. Coming from a family with a strong legacy in sports, William has dedicated his life to perfecting his pickleball skills. Admiring figures like Louis Laville and Anna Leigh Waters, his goal is to achieve success on the professional tour. Equipped with Zcebra’s Black Mamba model, “The Falcon” aims to soar high in the pickleball world with his unique combination of talent, dedication, and sporting heritage.

Team Zcebra

Ernesto Cárdenas

Ernesto has been Spain’s number one player for years, both in terms of curriculum and trajectory. He was the first Spanish player to win the triple crown. In the US, he played and competed with the best, and has been a reference in the world of Pickleball for years.

He holds a degree in Physical Education, teaches Padel and Pickleball, and is a fundamental element in the testing of Zcebra’s products. Currently, he is the European champion alongside Sabrina, and won silver in doubles.

Team Zcebra

Nerea Derbis

Nerea is the new gem of Argentine pickleball. Born in a small town in Buenos Aires, she is 20 years old and a padel player, but in just a few months of playing pickleball, she is already winning medals in every 5.0 tournament she participates in. Currently, she is the runner-up of Spain’23 in mixed and doubles.

Sponsored by the great Martín Suárez, she has her whole future ahead of her and is one of the great promises of Team Zcebra.

javi gallego team zcebra

Team Zcebra

Javi Gallego

Javi Gallego is a young player from Rota, a pickleball instructor, and one of the great assets of the Club Reballution to which he belongs.

He has won numerous medals in major tournaments and has decided to trust Zcebra to continue developing his promising career. Currently, he holds a Bronze medal in doubles at the Spanish Open’23 alongside Marcello.

Team Zcebra

Arthur Lebreton

Arthur Lebreton, the new French jewel of Pickleball in Team Zcebra. At 12 years old, this talented player has stood out at the Raquette Club de Port-Camargue, with a solid 8-year tennis background influencing his approach to Pickleball.

Discovering Pickleball three years ago, Arthur quickly became an exceptional player, overcoming challenges with determination and forging a unique style on the court. A two-time French junior Pickleball champion, he has caught the attention of fans with his exceptional play and notable performances.

Team Zcebra

Anthony McElvaine

Anthony is an outstanding British Pickleball player. Regular partner of Louis Laville, he has won numerous medals in international championships, including gold at the British and Spanish Opens.

Anthony is an excellent ambassador for Zcebra, placing our brand at the pinnacle of competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Team Zcebra

Bonita Baker

Bonita is a high-level British player who one day trusted Zcebra to continue progressing and winning on the courts. She is an excellent person and has a sporting spirit like few others. A fundamental part of our project in the United Kingdom, we want to continue enjoying her in every tournament. Thank you, Bonita, for trusting Zcebra.

Team Zcebra

Sebastien Bigot

Sebastien is an excellent French Pickleball player, passionate about this sport and very active from the beginning. He belongs to the Pays de Fayence Montaroux club.

Winner of numerous medals in French and European tournaments, it is a pride for us to have his trust and support.

gerome millet team zcebra

Team Zcebra

Gerome Millet

Gerome Millet is an immensely active French Pickleball player.

Along with Sebastien, he is one of our best brand ambassadors in France, taking Zcebra to many of the country’s clubs, participating in, and winning a large number of tournaments.

Eugénie Demouy TEAM ZCEBRA

Team Zcebra

Eugénie Demouy

Eugenie Demouy, profesora y deportista de Toulon, se ha destacado en el pickleball desde 2021, ganando el campeonato francés y compitiendo internacionalmente. Su pasión y dedicación la han convertido en una figura inspiradora en el deporte, ahora parte del Team Zcebra.

Team Zcebra

Gema García

Pickleball and Padel coach. President of the Madrid Pickleball Association. Player since 2015. Like her partner Daniel Hernando, a pioneer of Pickleball in Spain and winner of numerous tournaments and national and international championships.

She has been part of the Zcebra team from the beginning. She tests our products, and her advice and technical and commercial consultancy are vital for our growth as a brand.

Team Zcebra

Daniel Hernando

Pickleball and Padel coach. Prominent member of the Madrid Pickleball Association. Player since 2015 and one of the major promoters of this sport in Spain. Along with his partner Gema García, winner of numerous tournaments and national and international championships.

A member of Team Zcebra from day one, tester and technical advisor for the brand, his contributions and collaborations have been and are indispensable for the growth and consolidation of Zcebra’s products.

Team Zcebra

Concha Delgado

Member of the Spanish Pickleball Association, an excellent promoter of this sport from its beginnings. Partnered with Carmen López, with whom she won a medal at the international tournament in the Netherlands.

Belongs to the Alas Foundation, an association that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities where Pickleball, due to its inclusive nature, plays a major role.

Team Zcebra

Carmen López

A member of the Alas Foundation, Carmen made history by becoming the first player with Down syndrome to win a medal in an open category Pickleball championship.

It was in Amsterdam in 2019 alongside her doubles partner Concha Delgado. We are truly proud of you, Carmen!

Team Zcebra

Mike Tonet

Born in 1979, this Belgian has a diverse sports background. He’s been excelling in pickleball since 2020, even founding the Namur Pickleball Club. His goal: reach level 5.0 and compete in international tournaments. He’s also a talented coach, inspiring new players. His motto, “Never give up,” makes him an inspiration on and off the pickleball court.

Marcus Luke

Team Zcebra

Marcus Luke

We celebrate Marcus’s tenth anniversary in the world of Pickleball, a sport he has revolutionized with his skill and passion. Originally from North Carolina and with three decades of experience in competitive tennis, Marcus ventured into Pickleball, quickly dominating the sports scene. His influence has been crucial in the expansion and enthusiasm for this sport, particularly from the southern United States to new horizons, marking a period of explosive growth since 2015.

He has recently joined Team Zcebra USA, where we expect him to bring us much joy.


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