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Black Pickleball Paddle The Queen Edgeless


Get THE QUEEN Paddle!

Take your performance to the next level with unmatched control, power, and aesthetics. Get THE QUEEN paddle and dominate the court with elegance and precision! Now in black.

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Discover the Revolution in Pickleball with THE QUEEN Paddle!

Innovation and Technology

Introducing THE QUEEN paddle, a true revolution in the world of Pickleball. Its design combines a state-of-the-art carbon fiber face with a thicker polypropylene core, optimizing ball cushioning. This unique combination not only offers unparalleled ball spin but also neutralizes your opponents’ effects with precision. The rough surface provides superior control, while the edgeless Thermoformed technology minimizes vibrations, ensuring exceptional consistency in every hit. Additionally, its new black design is simply impressive.

16 mm Core with Advanced Honeycomb Technology

THE QUEEN’s 16 mm core, constructed with advanced honeycomb technology, provides consistent speed and a smoother feel by reducing vibrational waves. Its elongated shape and well-distributed sweet spot ensure that every game becomes an unparalleled experience.

Edgeless Technology

Our edgeless technology improves the paddle’s aerodynamics and balances its weight. The thermoformed foam layer absorbs vibrations and adds consistency, while the included protective tape enhances the paddle’s elegance and provides protection.

The First European Pickleball Brand

Join the first European Pickleball brand with Zcebra. Each paddle is made with the finest materials and patented technology, designed to give you a competitive edge in every match. With our 2024 redesign, THE QUEEN paddle not only offers unprecedented performance but also stands out with a cutting-edge design that impresses on any court.


Paddle Length

40.5 cm

Paddle Width

18.5 cm

Handle Length

13 cm

Handle Circumference

12 cm


230 gr

Face Composition

T700 Carbon Fiber


Thermoformed Edgeless (Queen Edge Tech.)


Rough Carbon Fiber RCF® Technology


High-density polypropylene with honeycomb panel

Core Width

16 mm

Protective Edge Tape


The Zcebra THE QUEEN paddle is approved by the United States Pickleball Association for national and international competitions. Used by European champions, it is now within your reach to enhance your game.

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 40,99 × 18,5 cm

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